Virtual Appliance - ESX

To deploy the Plixer FlowPro virtual appliance for ESX environments, take note of the following additional requirements and proceed with the subsequent setup process:

The Plixer FlowPro virtual appliance for ESX is provided as an all-in-one OVA template to streamline the deployment process.

Deploying the OVA Template

  1. After downloading the latest version of the Plixer FlowPro virtual appliance, connect to the ESX host where the appliance will be deployed using VMware, vSphere, or vCenter.

  2. Select File > Deploy OVA Template.

  3. Select Deploy from File, navigate to the OVA Template, and click Next.

  4. Review the OVA template details and click Next.

  5. Provide a name for the Plixer Scrutinizer virtual appliance and continue to follow the deployment wizard.

  6. Review the Virtual Settings, and click Finish to complete importing the OVA Template.

  7. Add additional network adapters via vCenter by editing the settings of the VM. Use Add New Device to install a Network Adapter, and then connect these to the desired observation point.


The virtual appliance is configured with 1 network adapter (mgmt), additional interfaces will be labeled monX during setup. By default, it will start listening for traffic on all attached monX interfaces. This can be verified in Flowpro.Interfaces in ~/flowpro/flowpro-settings.yaml after setup. A mirror port of a Virtual Distributed Switch or a mirror port using a physical NIC on the ESXi host will have to be configured if a different network needs to be monitored.

  1. Power on the Plixer FlowPro virtual machine.

Once the Plixer FlowPro appliance is powered on, navigate to the Setup Utility page to continue with the initial deployment.