Change Log

For more details on the new features below, reference the Plixer website and Plixer FlowPro documentation.

KEY: ACTION: (Bug Ticket Number) description

Ex. ADDED: (1640) Thresholds based on outbound traffic

Change Log History


Version 20.0.0 - (03/2024)

ADDED: (8): Custom Inspection Rule Support for Detection
ADDED: (196): Selective Event Based Packet Capture
ADDED: (180): Replace Inspection/Detection Engine with Suricata

Version 19.1.2 - (10/2023)

FIXED: Addressed various security issues
FIXED: (229): APM nprobe services not starting

Version 19.1.1 - (09/2023)

FIXED: Addressed various security issues
FIXED: (206): Malformed DNS crashes FlowPro Defender

Version 19.1.0 - (10/2022)

FIXED: (56): Hardware 10Gb FlowPro APM Understating
FIXED: (97): FlowPros Deploying with only 1 network
FIXED: (114): yum update breaks flowpro APM
FIXED: (117): Separate Observation domains per monitor interface by default to fix high MFSN’s

Version 19.0.0 - 10/2020

ADDED: (55) Custom JA3 Blacklist Support
ADDED: (63) JA3 Fingerprinting Support

FIXED: (43) Make FlowPro licensed features clearly understandable
FIXED: (56) Hardware 10Gb FlowPro APM understating
FIXED: (61) /home/flowpro/conf/ is missing
FIXED: (64) Add the FlowPro version to FlowPro prompt

Version 18.12.14 - 1/21/2019

ADDED: (14) Consolidated all FlowPro license types to one probe
ADDED: (120) Support for ERSPAN
ADDED: (121) Defender decapsulates GRE packets
ADDED: (376) Weekly log rotation

FIXED: (377) Defender no longer truncates logs on restart

Version 18.5 - 5/22/2018

FIXED: (25173) FlowPro monitor interfaces not entering promiscuous mode
FIXED: (25634) Replace the EULA.txt in FlowPro
FIXED: (25639) FlowPro needs to support subscription license
FIXED: (25119) FlowPro APM Install/Upgrades need updating
FIXED: (25526) Can’t upgrade nProbe due to package dependencies
FIXED: (25557) Update nProbe Version On APM
FIXED: (25627) Undefined address error on deployment
FIXED: (25710) Default Defender Plixer.ini is missing a field on fresh installs
FIXED: (25742) Rewrite the FlowPro manual
FIXED: (25880) FlowPro User Manual typo
FIXED: (25881) FlowPro PDF User Manual header says Plixer documentation
FIXED: (25913) APM won’t start nProbe for more than one interface

Version 16.8 - 8/16/2016

ADDED: (13509) Defender now exports HTTP Header Fields
FIXED: (21010) Domain Exclusion List – Now Applies to BotNet Detection