Utilities menu

In addition to the Search submenu, the Utilities menu group contains several other data management and troubleshooting tools for Plixer Endpoint Analytics:

Profile Data

Allows the user to search for and/or view identity attributes that have been captured from discovered endpoints and drill down into the Profile data to inspect the MAC or IP addresses associated with an attribute

Custom Data

Allows the user to add custom data objects to a MAC address, view (and/or edit) all custom data objects, or import custom data objects in bulk from a CSV file

A template for the batch import CSV file can be downloaded from the Import Custom Data page.

System Summary

Displays top-level system statistics and provides access to the following troubleshooting tools:

  • Display Server Log - Shows the last 500 entries in the Server module log file (most recent first)

  • Backup Database - Creates a snapshot of the database, including all configuration and endpoint data, and saves the database backup file to a PC or file share as a GZIP (*.gz) file

  • Cleanup Database - Permanently deletes all web user agents, open TCP port, and traffic data not currently being used

  • Enable/Disable Automated Database Cleanup - Enable or disable automated database cleanups


Lists all third-party license acknowledgements for Plixer Endpoint Analytics

Update Registered MAC Vendors

Allows the user to update the appliance’s OUI table (used to resolve MAC vendors) with the latest available data published by the IEEE

If the appliance is not able to access the Internet, download the latest IEEE OUI file, extract ieee.txt to the workstation, and select the file using the Update from File option.


A re-model is required to apply the latest changes whenever the table of registered MAC vendors is updated.