Enabling/disabling ProfilesΒΆ

There are several ways to enable and disable Profiles as well as access their other user-facing options from the Profiles configuration submenu:

Edit Profile page

To open the Edit Profile page for a Profile, first select List Profiles and click on the Profile name. This page will display additional details about the Profile and list the Profile Rules governing its assignment to endpoints.

This page also provides access to the following options:

  • Profile Enabled - Ticking this checkbox will enable the Profile for use by the system (enabled by default)

  • Allow Timeouts - Ticking this checkbox will apply the timeout settings configured under Configuration > Data Processing to the endpoints in this group and the data collected from them

List Profiles page

To enable/disable and toggle timeout for multiple Profiles, select them using the checkboxes on List Profiles page and click the Modify Selected button at the bottom of the page.

This will open a popup with Profile Enabled and Timeout checkboxes for the selected Profiles. The settings can also be applied to all Profiles listed in the popup using the the correspdong Set All checkboxes, and the Reset button can be used to revert the settings for the selected Profiles to their default state.

After modifying the settings for the Profiles, click the Save Changes button to save the configuration and close the popup.