Adding a subnet groupΒΆ

To add a new a new subnet group to the system, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Add Subnet Group option from the Subnet Groups configuration submenu.

  2. Enter a name for the subnet group and click on the Continue button.

  3. On the Edit Subnet Group page, click on the Add button and enter the address block in CIDR format in the popup that opens.


To add multiple address blocks, use the Add Multiple Address Blocks button and enter one address block per line in the popup.

  1. (Optional) To add an IP address space to exclude from the address block, click on the the Add (or Add Multiple Address Blocks) button under the Exclude section of the page. These buttons will be greyed out if an internal address block has yet to be added.

  2. Under the Listening Interfaces section of the page, click on the Add New Interface button and select an interface name from the dropdown in the popup that opens.

  3. If needed, enter a filter as a tcpdump/lipcap style expression to define which packets should be accepted by the system before clicking on the Add button to add the interface.


If no filter is entered, all packets received via the selected interface will be accepted.

  1. Enable NetFlow collection by clicking on the Edit Netflow button and ticking the checkbox in the popup that opens (this will also enable sFlow collection on port 6343 by default). If necessary, enter a new port for sFlow collection before clicking the Save Netflow button.

  2. Return to the top of the page, and save the subnet group configuration by clicking on the Save button.