Distributed CollectorsΒΆ

Plixer Scrutinizer can be set up to use multiple appliances/servers for flow collection and one central server for reporting.

Benefits of a distributed environment:

  • Drastically increases ingestion capabilities in terms of both flow volume per second (up to several million) and number of Exporters (up to tens of thousands), regardless of physical location
  • Allows Exporters, interfaces, flows, and Alarms across all Collectors to be managed from the main reporting server

Ports used:

The following network ports are used in communications between appliances/servers in a distributed environment:

Collector(s) -> Reporter (UDP) Collector(s) <-> Reporter (TCP)
80 (or 443)
6432 and 5432


Distributed Plixer Scrutinizer environments require additional licensing and configuration. Contact Plixer Technical Support for assistance.