Recreating certificates

For restorations where DB connection issues are observed, a command should be run to recreate database certificates.

From the primary reporter run:

scrut_util --rotatecerts


It’s important that this is run on the primary reporter.

Permissions and Ownership

For pre-19.0.0 installs, or cases where encounters permissions errors, look at the following directory permissions:

  1. Create a directory /var/db/big/restore and make sure it is owned by postgres:postgres.


    For older installs /var/db/big/ was owned by root so backup is unable to create this directory when run as the plixer user

  2. Make sure all files in the /var/db/big/pgsql/data are owned by postgres:postgres.


    If installs/upgrades have been run as root some configuration files (along with their backup and new counterparts) may be owned by root.