Endace probe integration


The Endace probe collection allows to filter down to certain flow data related to the network issue and then select the Endace probes from the reporting menus to download the packets related to the data observed in Plixer Scrutinizer.

Setting up Endace packet capture integration

In order to configure Scrutinizer to download the packet captures from Endace, use the interactive CLI utility to add the probe.

1.Open the interactive scrut_util prompt by running:

  1. In the SCRUTINIZER> prompt, use the following commands to configure the probes.
  1. Add a probe:
SCRUTINIZER> endace add

b.Remove a probe:

SCRUTINIZER> endace remove

c.Change/update a probe:

SCRUTINIZER> endace update <host_ip> <port> <endace_user> <endace_pass>