Plixer Beacon

Plixer Scrutinizer can integrate with Plixer Beacon to provide additional end point details. When Plixer Beacon integration is enabled, an additional tab will be available in the Host Entity view. The end point details will display:

  • MAC Address
  • Plixer Beacon Profile
  • OS
  • Switch port location
  • Risk Profile, etc.


For additional details about Plixer Beacon, please contact Plixer support.

Setting up Plixer Beacon integration

A dedicated account should be created on the Plixer Beacon side prior to setting up the integration.

  1. Navigate to Admin > Settings > Plixer Beacon.
  2. Mark the checkbox to enable the Plixer Beacon integration.
  3. Provide the IP or hostname of the Plixer Beacon deployment.
  4. Enter the user password in the password field, then re-enter it in the confirmation field that will appear.
  5. Select the Plixer Beacon port that will communicate with Plixer Scrutinizer. Default is 443.
  6. Select the protocol to communicate over. Plixer Scrutinizer will use HTTPS by default.
  7. Enter the username to connect to Plixer Beacon API with.
  8. Save the entry.


The times displayed in Plixer Scrutinizer from Plixer Beacon will be displayed based on the timezone of the Plixer Beacon integration account settings.

Helpful tips

If the integration is not working, try the following steps:

  • check the collector log for errors;
  • verify the credentials you entered in Plixer Scrutinizer are correct.