Plixer Replicator load balancing

The load balancing feature provides integration between a Plixer Scrutinizer distributed cluster and a Plixer Replicator appliance. This integration will create a “seed” profile, as well as a profile for each collector in a Plixer Scrutinizer cluster Plixer Replicator. Any exporters added to that profile (via policy, UI, or API) will be automatically assigned to collector policies as long as resources are available.


For additional details about Plixer Replicator, please contact Plixer support.

Setting up Plixer Replicator integration

  1. Navigate to Admin > Settings > Plixer Replicator.
  2. Mark the checkbox to enable the Plixer Replicator integration.
  3. Enter the Plixer replicator admin user password in the password field, then re-enter it in the confirmation field that will appear.
  4. Select the Plixer Replicator receive port that flows will come into the Plixer Replicator on.
  5. Provide the IP or hostname of the Plixer Replicator deployment.


The Replicator host URL must include http:// or https://.

  1. Enter a name for the Plixer Replicator seed profile which will include the exporters that will be auto-replicated.
  2. Select the Plixer Replicator port to send flows to Plixer Scrutinizer on.
  3. Save the entry.
  4. SSH into the Plixer Scrutinizer primary reporter appliance. Run the following command:
scrut_util --autoreplicate
  1. After the command completes, log into the Plixer Replicator user interface and assign the exporters you’d like to load balance between collectors to the seed profile.
  2. On the Plixer Scrutinizer appliance, re-run the scrut_util –autoreplicate command. The output will show the exporters being assigned to the Plixer Scrutinizer collectors.


Please contact Plixer support for assistance with the integration.