ServiceNow bi-directional integration


Plixer Scrutinizer introduces bi-directional integration with ServiceNow, enabling NetOps to streamline the process of creating troubleshooting tickets. In addition, NetOps can share the “collected” network- and end-device-related data that is associated with any incident. This provides context into why the ticket was opened and eliminates the need to duplicate investigative effort. NetOps can now track security-related tickets, allowing the team to demonstrate their value in keeping the business safe.


Additional licensing is required for this feature. Contact Plixer support for assistance.

Configuring ServiceNow integration

  1. Navigate to the Admin > Settings > ServiceNow page.
  2. Click “Add” to create a new ServiceNow integration profile.
  3. Provide a unique name for the ServiceNow instance.
  4. Enter the instance URL and login credentials.
  5. Save the entry.


Once configured, the ServiceNow instance name will appear as available under Collections and Notifications.


When a collection is associated with ServiceNow, an incident will be created in ServiceNow with details linking back to the Plixer Scrutinizer collection. Once an incident has been created for a collection, details about the incident status can be viewed from within Plixer Scrutinizer.


ServiceNow integration instances can be associated with alarm policies so that when a policy is violated a ServiceNow incident will be created.