ML Engine AMI deployment guide

What you need to know about ML Engine AMIs

The latest ML Engine AMI can be obtained from Plixer or your local reseller. Please contact support if you do not already have the Plixer ML Engine AMI. You will need to know your AWS Region and your AWS account ID so the AMI link can be shared with you.

  • Contact Plixer technical support to discuss the recommended instance type for production environments.
  • Decide on the VPC and security group rules that fit the needs of your organization. You will need to specify these in the deployment process.
  • Do not lose the SSH key that you will be asked to create in the deployment process. This key is the only way to access the server via SSH.

Pre-deployment checklist

Please provide a technical support engineer with the following information:

  • Amazon account number;
  • Region you are planning to deploy an instance in;
  • Expected flow rate.

Deploying AMI


Please contact Plixer for assistance with installing and configuring an ML Engine AMI.