ML Engine Virtual Appliance deployment guide

What you need to know about deploying a ML Engine Virtual Appliance

The ML Engine Virtual Appliance can be obtained from Plixer or your local reseller. It is downloaded as an all-in-one virtual appliance which can be deployed on an ESXi v5.5 and above or Hyper-V 2012 hypervisor.

  • You will need to obtain an appliance license or evaluation license from Plixer or your local reseller in order for the ML Engine Virtual Appliance to function properly.
  • The ML Engine Virtual Appliance is deployed on a hypervisor server.
  • The performance you get out of a ML Engine Virtual Appliance will be directly dependent on the hardware on which it’s deployed. It’s recommended to dedicate, not share, all the resources that are allocated to the ML Engine virtual machine. This is especially important for the ML Engine datastores. In environments with high volumes of NetFlow data, ML Engine will require dedicated datastores which are discussed in further detail later in this document. ML Engine hardware appliances are recommended for deployments of exceedingly high volume of flow as they are designed to handle the highest flow rates.


Please contact Plixer for assistance with deploying an ML Engine Virtual Appliance.