Plixer Scrutinizer - Overview

What is Plixer Scrutinizer?

Plixer Scrutinizer is a network monitoring and analysis appliance that collects, interprets, and contextualizes data from every digital exchange and transaction to deliver insightful network intelligence and security reports.

How does Plixer Scrutinizer work?

Plixer Scrutinizer collects network-related metadata from existing infrastructure, such as switches, firewalls, and packet brokers, and consolidates the information into a single unified database through efficient, dynamic correlation. Combined with a modern, hierarchical architecture, this allows the system to scale up and process millions of flows per second and report the meaningful, actionable data your IT professionals need via an intuitive web interface.

Plixer Scrutinizer is available as a rack-mountable hardware appliance or in virtualized ESX-, Hyper-V-, KVM- or AWS-based packages.

Main features

Reduces NetOps and SecOps complexity

Gain actionable insights from immense volumes of raw flow data via accessible, context-aware visualizations and reports.

Delivers essential network metadata when you need it

Get accurate, up-to-date statistics covering bandwidth, application, and user utilization that extends from clients through to the cloud with industry-leading reporting protocols.

Continuously monitors traffic for any irregularities

Combine proactive thresholds, alerts, and open RESTful APIs with comprehensive DDoS attack detection to build dynamic and streamlined event response strategies.

Minimizes downtime and loss of revenue

Gain true end-to-end visibility with real-time database updates that quickly identify root causes and reduce time-to-resolution metrics.

Maximizes efficiency with intelligent detection and reporting

Leverage the AI-backed capabilities of the Plixer ML Engine for intelligent threat and anomaly detection.

Advanced integration with other Plixer products

Seamlessly combines Plixer Scrutinizer with other Plixer products to get the exact functionality you need for your environment.