Functional IDsΒΆ

A functional ID is a generic account used for an IT asset. Specific to Scrutinizer, functional IDs are User IDs providing access to different areas and access levels within Scrutinizer.

The following functional IDs are included by default with the installation of Scrutinizer.

Application User Usage Access Level Description
Operating System        
  root Interactive Privileged Provides user root access to the operating system. User has unrestricted shell access, SSH and console. Some processes run as root (procmon, scheduler, poller) and some scrut_util processes when run by the scheduler.
  plixer Interactive Non-privileged Provides user access to run all plixer services and/or processes. This is the Primary user for the Interactive Scrut_util utility.
  pgbouncer Non-interactive Non-privileged Database load balancing
  postgresql or mysql Non-interactive Privileged Database User
  apache Non-interactve Privileged HTTP services
  root Interactive Privileged Provides full read/write to PostgreSQL/MySQL database for local users.
  scrutremote Interactive Non-privileged Provides communications between remote systems.
  scrutinizer Non-interactive Privileged Local DB connections
Web interface        
  admin Interactive Privileged Full access to management functions

Interactive usage allows a user to inherit all privileges that were granted to that ID. Non-interactive usage is used internally by the system only and cannot be assigned to a user.

Privileged access level is defined as an ID with elevated entitlements such as a system administrator or super user. Non-privileged access allows just the access level required for the intended functions of the ID.