The licensing page is where you can enter the license key, view the current licensing status for local install, and get the Machine ID to provide to Plixer customer service to obtain a new license.

The licensing page contains two sections: sections.


Product Type – This field indicates the licensing level
Status – Licensing status: valid, expired, due to expire
Days Left – Days remaining for valid license
Customer ID – Plixer generated customer identification
Machine ID – Unique server ID used by Plixer Customer Service to generate the license key
Server Count – Total number of servers that are licensed (includes both reporters and collectors)
Reporter Count – Number of reporters that are licensed (primary and secondary)
Exporter Count – Number of exporters that are licensed
Deployed Servers – Number of actual servers
Enabled Exporters – Number of actual exporters
Plixer Network Intelligence - This field indicates if the PNI license is applied
Plixer Security Intelligence - This field indicates if the PSI license is applied

License key

The text box in this section is where the license key received from Plixer customer service is entered.

Example License Key: