Sharing meta data with Plixer

By default, Plixer gathers meta data that determines the general health, overall performance, and targeted metrics to help Plixer improve the Scrutinizer Platform.

How often it is collected

Meta data is collected once a week at a randomly scheduled times during typical peak business hours (M-F 9a to 4p). The actual scheduled time is determined at the time Scrutinizer is installed.

What meta data is collected

  • Vendor: identifies if the Scrutinizer installer is branded as Plixer or an OEM vendor.
  • smtpfromEmail: The email address configured as the administrator in the server preferences.
  • smtp: the email server name which is used to identify the customer’s company as configured in the server preferences.
  • installedVersion: the current version of Scrutinizer installed.
  • License Details: Identifies license key details such as license level and license state (e.g. valid or expired).
  • How many exporters are actively sending flows?: A count of exporters that have sent flows in the last 24 hours.
  • Server Metrics: How many flows per second received, packets per second received, and flows dropped per second at the time the data is gathered.
  • Flow Template Details: All templates and element names exported from the exporters Scrutinizer is currently collecting data from.
  • Flow Analytics Exporter Statistics: A count of exporters configured for each algorithm.
  • Flow Analytics History: A list of violating IP addresses from external sources. It is used to determine if outside patterns exist from the aggregated data between globally installed Scrutinizer Servers.

How is the data transferred

The data is encrypted. It is sent to Port 443, 80, and 25 are used depending on port availability.

What Plixer does with the data

Plixer uses the collected data for support purposes only. From the data we can learn which customers could benefit from a support call to upgrade a system or to fix issues.

How do I turn it off?

By default, this functionality is enabled. To turn off this functionality, go to the Admin Tab, select the Settings menu, and click System Preferences.

Uncheck the option Share Health Statistics, scroll to the bottom, and click Save.