Plixer Replicator - Overview

What is Plixer Replicator?

Plixer Replicator is a networking appliance that collects, load balances, and forwards streams from UDP metadata-exporting devices to any number of products or systems that can transform that information into tangible business value.

How does Plixer Replicator work?

When set as the destination for flows and log data from network devices like switches, routers, and firewalls, Plixer Replicator automatically replicates the packets and distributes them to destinations based on user-configured Profiles.

This eliminates the typical 1:1 limitation between devices generating log data and network management tools, such as Plixer Scrutinizer, SIEMs, and IPSs, and allows an organization to maximize the value delivered by their existing network security and monitoring infrastructure.

Plixer Replicator is available as either a rack-mountable hardware appliance or a virtualized ESX, Hyper-V, or KVM solution.

Replicator's role in your network

Main features

Fully configurable replication

Create Profiles and Policies to replicate flow and log data streams and forward them to any number of network management systems of your choosing

Insightful, real-time Alarms

Gain visibility over all network devices linked to Plixer Replicator and get instantly alerted to drops in inbound and/or outbound traffic and other irregularities

Full-featured web interface

View and manage the Plixer Replicator environment, including all connected devices, with an intuitive web-based user interface

Robust command line interface (CLI)

Use Interactive Mode to issue remote commands to configure Plixer Replicator’s functions and leverage its advanced features