The Reporting page is accessible via Admin Tab -> Settings. This page includes system configuration options related to Scrutinizer reporting.

Following is the list of options available in Report Settings:

  • Business Hours End: The end of the business day as an integer. 5pm = 17
  • Business Hours Start: The start of the business day as an integer. 8am = 8
  • CSV include all rows: Checkbox. If checked, all rows will be included in the csv instead of the Top X selected in the report.
  • Display Others on Top: Report Graphs can display the ‘Other’ traffic on top of or below the top 10.
  • Display raw MAC addresses in reports: Checkbox. When checked, MAC addresses will appear in reports in raw format. When unchecked, it will display the first 3 bytes as the manufacturer name.
  • Limit All Device report results: Only this many results will be returned if set to a non-zero value when running all device reports.
  • Max Aggregations from Data Source: This value limits the number of intervals used to run a report. Click here for more detailed information on this configuration option.
  • Max Report Processes: Each report run will use this as a maximum number of sub processes. This breaks reports up by time or exporters depending on which will be faster.
  • Max Reports per Email: The maximum number of saved reports a user is allowed to include in a scheduled email report. Including too many reports in a single email can result in timeouts. The default is 5.
  • Max Reports per Interval: The maximum number of reports, users are able to schedule for the same minute. The default is 5.
  • Push Data Aggregation: Checkbox. Apply data aggregation when pushing temp tables from collector to reporter. (Only applies to Distributed collector environments.)
  • Re-use temp tables: Checkbox. With this option turned on, reports will use existing temp tables when possible.
  • Target graph intervals: The maximum number of intervals allowed in a graph. Default = 300