Notification Profile


Notification Profiles can be created once and applied to multiple policies. Notification methods include Email, Logfile, Syslog, SNMPTrap, Script and Auto Acknowledge. Enter the necessary data and select additional details from the “Available Variables for Message” list to ensure the desired information is included in the alert.

If multiple notification alerts are added to the same Notification Profile, the order of notification can be re-ordered by entering lower or higher numbers to the left of each notification and clicking the “Save” button.


  • Email: send an email alert

    • Enter the email address the alert is destined for in the “To” field


An email server must be configured in Scrutinizer for these alerts to function. If the email server has not yet been configured in Scrutinizer, click the “Configure” button to set that up.

  • Logfile: add alert message to a file

    • Enter log file name with the absolute file path of:



Log files must be placed at this location.

  • Syslog: send syslog alert to Host address.

    Required fields are:

    • Host: Target server address
    • UDP Port: Target server port (default 514)
    • Priority
    • Facility
  • SnmpTrap: send snmptrap alert to Host address.

    Required fields are:

    • Host: Target server
    • Community String
    • UDP Port
    • Enterprise OID
    • Generic ID
    • Specific ID
    • Binding OID
    • From Host
  • Script: trigger action defined in Script.

    Required fields are:

    • Script: /home/plixer/scrutinizer/files/{}
    • Note: Script must be placed in this folder and absolute path must be included in the Script field.
    • Command-line Arguments: Variables to include in the script from the Available Variables list below.
  • Auto Acknowledge: automatically acknowledge policy alarms

    • Policy To Acknowledge: select target policy from dropdown list

Available Variables for Message

%m Message
%v Violator Address
%h Host
%p Protocol
%pol Policy Violated
%notes Policy Notes
%id Alarm ID

Learn more about editing policies and assigning notifications to them.