Dashboard Overview

Welcome to Dashboards!


Dashboards are used to create custom views of precisely what the user or group of users wants to see when they login. Multiple unique dashboards can be created.

  • With the right permissions, these dashboards are customizable per login account.
  • All dashboards created by any user in a usergroup are available to other users in the same usergroup. The default is read-only access.
  • Each dashboard can be manipulated and shared with others.
  • The Read-only permission (check box) is used to grant others the ability to manipulate a shared dashboard.

Gadget Icons

There are several configuration options in each gadget or window in the dashboard. Each is represented by an icon, some of which don’t appear until the mouse is moved over the window.

  • Timer: This value decrements to indicate the next refresh of this gadget. Set the refresh frequency by clicking on the gear icon.
  • Gear: The spinning gear icon can be used to rename the gadget and to set the refresh rate.
  • Refresh: Press the refresh or recycle icon to force the reload of the contents of the gadget. (Will also happen automatically when the timer runs out.)
  • Move: Click the four-headed arrow icon, hold, and drag the gadget to a new location in the dashboard.
  • X: This icon is used to remove the gadget from the dashboard. It can easily be added back later and it will remain in the gadget inventory for use in other dashboards.
  • Resize Arrows: Located in the lower left and right-hand corners of the window, these icons are used to resize the window.

More Permissions

Additional permission options can be found under:

  • Admin tab > Security > Users:

    • Set the users default tab for when they log in
  • Admin tab > Security > User Groups:

    1. Click on a User Group

    2. Choose Settings

      • Check off “Dashboard Tab” to provide the users in this group the ability to see the dashboard tab.
      • Check off “Create New” to allow users to copy and create new dashboards.
      • Check off “Dashboard Admin” to allow users to choose which dashboards appear in an individual or group of users available dashboards menu. Individual login accounts can make changes to their own menu as well.
    3. Choose Dashboard Gadgets

      • Uncheck “All Dashboard Gadgets”
      • Select which gadgets the users of the selected group should be able to view. Drag the gadgets from the “Deny” to “Allow” boxes and vice versa.