Datasource setup

The datasource provides the ability to visualize the data collected by Scrutinizer within the Grafana interface.

Getting started

Currently we are working with Grafana to make this plugin available on their plugin repo. At the moment, you can install the plug by cloning it into the plugins directory. Depending on the OS you are running, the path will vary.


  • Linux : ‘/var/lib/grafana/plugins
  • Windows : ‘/data/plugins’ *

When inside the directory, run the following command:

‘git clone’

Once the datasource is cloned, restart the Grafana server and proceed with adding the datasource to Grafana. You may need to create the data/plugins directoryon a Windows system.

Adding datasource to Grafana

  1. In the Grafana user interface navigate to Settings and select Data Sources in the Configuration section.
  1. Select the Plixer Scrutinizer Datasource.

Setting up Scrutinizer datasource

  1. Fill out the required fields.
  1. You can generate an authentication token in Scrutinizer via the Admin Tab - > Security - > Authentication Token page.

If you are getting an error, it can be caused by a self-signed SSL certificate.


If so, make sure you check off the ability to skip TLS verify.