Scrutinizer Upgrade Instructions

Pre-Upgrade Checklist

Confirm that the following requirements are met prior to upgrading Scrutinizer:

  • Current running version of Scrutinizer is v15.8 or greater (If running a version prior to v15.8, contact Plixer support for assistance.)
  • Internet access to download the CentOS updates and get the latest installer (Contact Plixer support for offline upgrades.)
  • root access to the appliance
  • Snapshot of the VM prior to an upgrade as a backup measure
  • Valid license key to launch the latest installer (check Admin > Settings > Licensing)

Upgrade Instructions

  1. ssh in to the virtual appliance as the root user

  2. Navigate to the files directory:

    cd /home/plixer/scrutinizer/files

  3. Confirm that there are no prior Scrutinizer installer files by using the command ll or ls. If there are, delete them.

    rm -f

  4. Download the latest installer


  5. Once it has finished downloading, modify the permissions.

    chmod 755

  6. Launch the installer


  7. Once the installer has completed, open the web interface and log in. You should now be on the latest version of Scrutinizer.