Viptela SD-WAN


The integration between Viptela and Scrutinizer provides insight into SD-WAN for Viptela such as:

  • Performance Reports
  • vEdge Health Metrics
  • Policy Events

After configuring Viptela integration with Scrutinizer, the following Viptela specific reports are available in Scrutinizer:

  • Carrier Performance
  • Transport Performance
  • Tunnel Performance
  • Application Performance
  • Status All Components
  • vEdge Health
  • SLA Events
  • Policies Added
  • Policies Removed

Some reports are found under the vManage exporter, while others are placed under the vEdge devices.


A minimum of Scrutinizer v18.16 is required for the configuration to successfully complete and for the Viptela reports to become available.


The user configured in Scrutinizer to connect to Viptela API must have full read access.

Viptela configuration in Scrutinizer

  1. Navigate to Admin > Settings > Viptela Settings
  2. Mark the checkbox to enable the Viptela integration
  3. Provide the IP or hostname of the Viptela vManage NMS
  4. Enter the user password in the password field, then re-enter it in the confirmation field that will appear
  5. Select the Viptela port that will communicate with Scrutinizer, default is 8443
  6. Select the protocol to communicate over. Scrutinizer will use HTTPS by default
  7. Save the entry

Frequently asked questions

Q: It isn’t working, how can I see what is going on?
A: The Viptela collection process runs under the umbrella of the plixer_flow_collector daemon.
- Check the collector log for errors.
- Verify the credentials you entered in Scrutinizer are correct.
- Use the Test button to confirm that Scrutinizer user can access Viptela SD-WAN API.
Q: What permissions does my Viptela user need?
A: The user configured in Scrutinizer to connect to Viptela API must have full read access.