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The Mapping options are primarily utilized by administrators to display all or a portion of the network topology. Right mouse button on the background of a Plixer map (i.e. not Google map) and toggle between Edit mode and View mode to rearrange the icons. Be sure to save changes before leaving the Edit mode. Don’t forget to save the position of the icons.

Maps can be created by clicking on Create Maps / Device Groups at the top of the tree menu in either the Maps or the Status tabs, or by clicking the New Group button in Admin > Settings > Maps & Device Groups. Map configuration can be completed in the Maps & Device Groups page, or by right-clicking in the background of an existing map and selecting Map Settings from the menu.

A default map per login account can be selected under Admin -> Security -> User Accounts.

Maps are made up of three major parts:

The device icon color is based on the Fault Index (FI) value in CrossCheck and the corresponding color thresholds. The link color between devices can be based on utilization between the devices. Click on the link to bring up a flow report for the connection.


Click on the map and then use the right mouse button to bring up a menu of options.