Google Maps

To create the first Google map, an API key has to be generated.

  • This requires a Google account.

  • The web interface will guide the user through the process of creating a key.

    1. Copy the key and paste it into the box: “Google Maps - Browser API Key”
    2. Click Save
  • “Google TLD” defaults to .com and should be changed if the install is located in a country that defaults to a top level domain other than .com

    • For example, in the U.K. change it to
  • Modifying the Google maps involves launching most of the same options found in a Plixer map.

    • There are a few exceptions such as no RIGHT mouse button menu which is reserved by Google for zooming out of the map.
  • Click on an icon with the LEFT mouse button to launch the menu with the following options:

    • Device Overview: Launches the device overview including this information.

      • The SNMP information
      • Integration with 3rd party applications
      • Applications associated with the device as determined by CrossCheck
      • The three busiest interfaces
      • Response Time and Availability Trends if the device is being polled
      • Any outstanding alarms on the device
    • Create a connection:

      Works as outlined in the Plixer Maps section.

    • GPS Location:

      1. Placing a device in a specific location requires entering either a physical address or the GPS coordinates.

        • Simply specifying a city in a country will also work.
      2. After entering an address, click (Resolve GPS) to ensure the address is resolved to the new GPS coordinates.

      3. Then click Save.

    • Properties:

      Works as outlined in the Plixer Maps section.