The link status comes in 3 formats:

  • Flow links are links representing flow capable interfaces.

    • Link colors can be green, yellow, orange or red and are based on settings configured in Admin Tab -> Settings -> System Preferences.
    • Links are blue if there is no bandwidth statement for the interface.
    • Links are dashed gray if flows are not received within the last five minutes from the interface. Click on a link to bring up the current flow information.
  • Black line is a static link between two devices. It is not clickable and doesn’t provide a status.

  • Saved reports are connections between objects can be made with existing saved reports. The threshold limits for the link color change are set per saved report connection. The values displayed for a Saved Report connection are based on the inbound value for that report.

Connections between objects:

  • A connection between any two objects can be created using this interface.
  • Selecting a From Device which is sending flows will cause the Interface drop-down box to fill in with the corresponding flow interfaces available.
  • Selecting a Group or Icon From object results in an empty Interface drop-down box. Check off “Display all interfaces in this group” to fill in the Interface drop-down box with all interfaces from devices in the group. Another option is to select “Connect with black line” to connect to the To Object without using a flow interface for the connection.
  • Click the Connect button and the connection will be displayed in the window below.


When creating connections for a Google map, a device name might be followed by (Needs GPS coordinates - Go to Objects Tab). Devices in a Google Map Group will not appear until they are given GPS coordinates or an address using the Objects tab.

Additional notes:

  • Label displays the percent utilization or the bits received in the last 5 minutes.
  • Tooltip: mouse over the Label to display the full interface description.
  • Arrow on the link reflects highest utilization direction.
  • Clicking on the link will bring up the default user preference report on the link for the last few minutes (5 minutes by default) in one minute intervals. Outbound or Inbound traffic is displayed depending on the direction of the arrow when clicked.