Flow HopperΒΆ

Flow Hopper provides end to end visibility into the path a flow took through the network on a router hop by hop basis. Since multiple paths exist between devices, leveraging traceroute or routed topology information may not provide the exact path taken by an end to end flow. Flow Hopper displays the correct path at the time of the flow, even if the topology has since changed.

This connection solution requires that most, if not all, of the flow exporting devices in the path be exporting NetFlow v5, or more recent, to the collector.


This feature requires next-hop routing information as well as read-only SNMPv2 or v3 access to the router.

If Flow Hopper determines that an asymmetric flow path exists (i.e., a different route is taken on the return path), the user interface will draw out the connection accordingly. Admins can click on each router or layer 3 switch in the path and view all details exported in the flow template. Changes in element values (e.g., DSCP, TTL, octets, etc.) between ingress and egress metered flows are highlighted.