This page explains the Alternate Copy and Backup Method for Large Scrutinizer Databases.

Backing up the data

The historical and configuration data for Scrutinizer is stored in the plixer and reporting databases. Users are not recommended to backup these databases directly. The recommended solution is to dump the databases to backup files and optionally run the backup on those files.

Copying the data

Use the following commands to dump the data to files in a backup directory.

pg_dump plixer | gzip > plixer.gz
pg_dump reporting | gzip > reporting.gz

Choosing when to run the backup

There is no ideal time to do a backup, but it is best to try and pick a time when Scrutinizer is least busy. In addition to when the network is busy, keep in mind that rollups are executed at Consolidated Universal Time (UTC):

  • Every 2 hours for 2h intervals which are executed at the top of even hours
  • Every 12 hours for 12h intervals which are executed after 12 and midnight
  • Every 24 hours for 1 day intervals which are executed after midnight
  • Every week for 1w intervals which are exectued after midnight on Saturday


The above times are in reference to UTC time. For example, If the server is in New York, the 12h interval rollups would occur at UTC -5 hours or 7:00 and 19:00.

Suggested times

  • Weekly : 3am Sunday
  • Daily : 3 am Daily