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KEY: ACTION: (Bug Ticket Number) description

Ex. ADDED: (1640) Thresholds based on outbound traffic

Change Log History


Version 18.9 - 9/24/2018

FIXED: (26874) Fixed issue with multiple defined applications on the same IP
FIXED: (26536) System user was counting against licensing limits
FIXED: (26550) Fixed issue with top N gadgets and exporters only sending egress flows
FIXED: (26557) Fixed the Analytics Violation Overview link on the Alarms tab
FIXED: (26579) Fixed issue using Gmail to send emails
FIXED: (26587) Fixed issue with emailing table views
FIXED: (26600) Fixed issue with TopN subnets gadget and SAF aggregation
FIXED: (26602) Fixed issue with editing designed reports
FIXED: (26613) Backslash in LDAP passwords caused issue on upgrade
FIXED: (26619) Fixed issue with map labels in dashboards
FIXED: (26629) Multiple subnet filters issue in MySQL
FIXED: (26632) Fixed issue with threshold details not being cleared out when switching reports
FIXED: (26650) Fixed issue editing designed reports with some manufactured columns in them
FIXED: (26652) Fixed issue with interface permissions in mapping
FIXED: (26655) Fixed issue with row limiting in CSV files
FIXED: (26699) Fixed issue with flow vitals when packets contain multiple flow sets for the same template
FIXED: (26731) Reporting: Top 10 rows on any page are now color coded as the graph
FIXED: (26735) Postgres installs - improved reporting temp table performance

Version 18.7 - 7/30/2018

ADDED: (23542) Added QRadar Integration
ADDED: (26194) Changed dashboard gadget behavior to improve usability and clearly display gadget titles
ADDED: (26310) Numerous improvements to the manual

FIXED: (24546) Flickering issue with report graphs when loading a report
FIXED: (25156) Formatting issues in Maps Tab alerts
FIXED: (25504) Double tooltip when mousing over report graph
FIXED: (26042) Audits from IPv6 hosts are now correctly received and recorded
FIXED: (26298) Issues with input parameters for the Users API
FIXED: (26317) Optimized rollups
FIXED: (26318) Decreased time necessary to run upgrades
FIXED: (26342) Links from alarms heatmap were not working
FIXED: (26345) Tuning would too aggressively set roller memory
FIXED: (26350) Addressed upgrade issue related to DB locking
FIXED: (26358) Improved dashboard gadget behavior based on customer feedback
FIXED: (26360) Reparser: Fix understatement of NetFlow v9 flow volume in vitals report
FIXED: (26370) AWS instances would not upgrade if on Postgres 9.5
FIXED: (26371) Maps couldn’t be saved in dashboard gadgets
FIXED: (26372) Could not generate PDFs of reports in Japanese
FIXED: (26373) Fixed issue with Japanese characters in emailed reports
FIXED: (26395) Other Options > Search link not working
FIXED: (26399) Peaks in totals tables were 5 minute byte counts rather than 1 minute byte counts
FIXED: (26406) Forensic filters were not forcing change to forensic data
FIXED: (26431) Fixed filtering on AS number under Admin > Definitions > Autonomous Systems
FIXED: (26451) Fixed issue with making dashboards visible to a user group

* This is the last supported release for the CentOS 6 and MariaDB platforms

Version 18.6 - 6/29/2018

ADDED: (9911) Test button for LDAP/RADIUS/TACACS setup
ADDED: (15154) Ability to acknowledge alarms with any combination of filters
ADDED: (16826) scrut_util command to disable ping for devices that have not responded
ADDED: (17589) Manufactured columns can be included in the report designer
ADDED: (18291) Full back button support
ADDED: (19981) Automatically detect which SNMP credentials to use for exporters
ADDED: (20068) Ability to manage interface details via API
ADDED: (21522) Ability to filter on a port range
ADDED: (21744) All interface reports now account for metering on each interface in the report
ADDED: (21770) Host -> AS -> Host reports for additional BGP reporting
ADDED: (22220) Major release upgrade to PostgreSQL 9.6 and 10
ADDED: (22773) scrut_util command to enable/disable ipv6
ADDED: (23267) User can be locked out after n failed login attempts
ADDED: (23478) Full foreign datastore support in collection and rollups
ADDED: (23924) Ability to exclude domain names from flow analytics
ADDED: (24134) Ability to edit URLs for custom gadgets
ADDED: (24164) Milliseconds now included with formatted timestamps where applicable
ADDED: (24297) Columnar store support for AWS Scrutinizers
ADDED: (24452) Ability to customize the login page
ADDED: (24600) Improved support for configuration of multiple LDAP servers and domains
ADDED: (24661) Ability to grant dashboards to other users / groups
ADDED: (24781) Default PostgreSQL datastore is columnar. Better disk space utilization and IO performance.
ADDED: (24948) Performance improvements for flow class lookups
ADDED: (25077) Support IPv4-mapped IPv6 addresses in subnet and ipgroup filters (PostgreSQL)
ADDED: (25216) Report IP Group with protocol and defined applications
ADDED: (25289) Support for Flowmon probe elements
ADDED: (25396) DrDoS detection for memcached and CLDAP attacks
ADDED: (26187) Ability to schedule operating system updates

FIXED: (12972) Flow metrics vitals times now align with ingestion time
FIXED: (22530) Ungrouped now visible by non-admin users
FIXED: (22588) Tidy up loose ends when deleting exporters. Deleted exporters will stay deleted.
FIXED: (22654) Stop showing disabled exporters in the exporters LED
FIXED: (24107) Some timezones were duplicated in the selector
FIXED: (24115) Latency reports per exporter
FIXED: (24659) Addressed issue reporting on multiple interfaces with different metering configured
FIXED: (24703) Issue with generating PDF with device group filters
FIXED: (24790) Restrict PaloAlto username collection to only internal IPs
FIXED: (24875) Donut/Pie Graph not available in Top -> Interfaces report
FIXED: (24893) Map interface utilization arrows always pointed in the same direction
FIXED: (24899) ‘cancel report’ button truly cancels backend reporting requests.
FIXED: (24993) Device menu in Google maps
FIXED: (25027) Cleaned up log noise from Cisco ISE data collection
FIXED: (25111) Scheduled reports font issue on AWS
FIXED: (25317) Remove memcached external exposure CVE-2017-9951
FIXED: (25323) FlowPro APM jitter report
FIXED: (25399) Audit report times now display as clients timezone
FIXED: (25419) Addressed CVE-2014-8109
FIXED: (25660) Issue with Queue Drops >> Queue Drops By Hierarchy

Version 17.11 - 11/22/2017

ADDED: (24685) Support for Oracle cloud

FIXED: (24500) Vitals errors when a user with a long UID is created
FIXED: (24560) Save button for filters would go away if field was selected, but not changed
FIXED: (24586) Localhost Unlicensed after upgrade to 17.10
FIXED: (24616) Collector appears down after Daylight Savings Time change
FIXED: (24647) Potential short gap in rollups after collector restart

Version 17.10 - 10/27/2017

ADDED: (18992) Solarwinds Integration
ADDED: (24165) Support for additional Procera IPFIX information elements
ADDED: (24186) Support for Viptela IPFIX information elements
ADDED: (24193) PRTG Integration
ADDED: (24374) Support for additional Gigamon IPFIX information elements

FIXED: (23140) Integration with ELK
FIXED: (23929) Cisco ISE integration issue preventing connection to ISE and reporting ISE data
FIXED: (24100) Vitals: allow vitalser_count to be set in plixer.ini
FIXED: (24112) Issue with click behavior on Google Map links and markers
FIXED: (24141) Issue with getting WLC AP names
FIXED: (24149) SNMP v3 support
FIXED: (24185) Cannot create a connection in map view in Status tab or Dashboard
FIXED: (24257) CSV issue when report name contained certain characters
FIXED: (24390) Issue with FlowView not loading when Juniper’s flow direction column is present
FIXED: (24434) Improved history expiry performance for installs using foreign datastores
FIXED: (24476) Issue with filtering on text strings in Gigamon binary data

Version 17.8 - 8/30/2017

ADDED: (6677) Map groups can include devices automatically based on regex
ADDED: (21422) Audit events stored permanently
ADDED: (23317) Use Palo Alto usernames from flows in username reports for other exporters
ADDED: (23485) New Plixer theme
ADDED: (23524) New Gigamon theme
ADDED: (23550) Message is clearer when no data is found for a report
ADDED: (23615) New KVM deployment guide
ADDED: (23810) New Ixia latency reports

FIXED: (23508) Summary reports can be opened in new tab
FIXED: (23598) Issue with “target is busy” error using disk resize command
FIXED: (23616) Alarm -> Action Menu -> Alarms -> Redirect failure
FIXED: (23618) Some scheduled reports timing out
FIXED: (23649) Improved stability when memory is constrained
FIXED: (23652) Issue with multiple business hours filters in the same report
FIXED: (23704) Tuning could take a long time to check CPU
FIXED: (23705) Tuning utility needs to work on AWS
FIXED: (23708) Interface speed changes not reflected in the front end
FIXED: (23745) Show interfaces option not included in a saved report
FIXED: (23771) ‘Other Options’ could have some items cut off
FIXED: (23823) Deleting an exporter would not kick the collector

Version 17.6.21 - 6/21/2017

FIXED: (23541) Report based canned gadgets would not render properly in dashboards
FIXED: (23544) Address the Stack Clash vulnerability (CVE-2017-1000364 and CVE-2017-1000366) for 17.6 VAs. Upgrades to existing installs will need to run
FIXED: (23547) Ignore Administrators and Guests in LDAP groups for automatic inclusion and removal in Scrutinizer groups

Version 17.6 - 6/19/2017

ADDED: (9643) Added the ability to report on all exporters in a group
ADDED: (10567) New Disk I/O statistics Vitals reports
ADDED: (15017) Added the ability to SLOWLY stream flows to a customer’s Kafka instance
ADDED: (17538) New HTML 5 maps (removed Flash requirement)
ADDED: (18180) Added flowclass bulk import utility for PostgreSQL installs
ADDED: (18209) Added MAC address descriptions w/auto-populate from WLC option templates and SNMP
ADDED: (18596) Improved PostgreSQL ipgroup performance
ADDED: (18998) Tooltip for IP Group report columns now include the IP Group rules
ADDED: (19406) New business hours filter with timezone and Day of Week support
ADDED: (20323) Added internal host filter
ADDED: (20621) Added Refresh button to reports
ADDED: (20752) Added filtering for Cisco NBAR groups, categories, and sub categories
ADDED: (20880) Peak and 95th are now calculated for values over table rank 10
ADDED: (21306) New Gigamon SSL reports
ADDED: (21341) Security Auditing Updates for Server Maintenance Interactive Prompt
ADDED: (21672) Added the ability to update a server’s IP with scrut_util
ADDED: (21860) Added support for new Stormshield information elements
ADDED: (21954) Added experimental support for FireSIGHT eStreamer protocol version 6.1
ADDED: (21960) Added reportTypeLang (API ID) column to Status > System > Available Reports report view
ADDED: (22026) Added Amazon Linux support
ADDED: (22028) Renamed percent columns in report tables to improve clarity
ADDED: (22104) Added support for an ‘enable’ password different from the login password for ASA ACL collection
ADDED: (22173) Added auditing for saved report changes
ADDED: (22191) Added the ability to log detailed FireSIGHT message content
ADDED: (22518) New Rollup Counts vitals report
ADDED: (22582) Added support for new Gigamon elements
ADDED: (22584) Added internal/external host report types
ADDED: (22632) Added import ifinfo utility for bulk interface updates
ADDED: (22706) Added new standard and Saisei information elements
ADDED: (22710) Pie and donut charts now have segment labeling
ADDED: (22767) Added ability to enforce password complexity
ADDED: (22775) DB Migrate Utility: added PostgreSQL to PostgreSQL cross-version support
ADDED: (23147) Added support for more Riverbed templates (application visibility)

FIXED: (4230) Long interface names now wrap in PDF reports
FIXED: (20030) MySQL only: Fixed a collection halt when deleting some exporters
FIXED: (20693) Fixed SSH key installation at install/upgrade
FIXED: (21597) Pie chart tooltips only shows available values from table
FIXED: (21762) Quotes in an SNMP credential will no longer cause interface issues
FIXED: (21800) Authentication token login issue
FIXED: (21983) IP addresses for exporters are now resolved to custom host names from “Manage Exporters” if exporter is in a report
FIXED: (22040) Fixed issue with sorting on non-default columns in PDF reports
FIXED: (22056) Fixed issue with collect supportfiles
FIXED: (22323) Webmin vulnerability EIP-2015-0009 addressed
FIXED: (22768) Allow for reverse ipgroup ip ranges
FIXED: (22837) Improved PostgreSQL data expiration performance
FIXED: (22872) Fixed an issue where DNS entries were expired prematurely without being re-queued
FIXED: (22931) Exporters that don’t send interface info would not be included in FA Top N algorithms
FIXED: (22987) Aggregation issue with AppFlow reporting
FIXED: (23003) Fixed Host search alert message for Host Index disabled
FIXED: (23329) Optimized database VACUUM performance

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