Flowalyzer™ is a free NetFlow and sFlow Tool Kit for testing flow technologies. This utility has several tabs each with a unique function:

  • Listener: The Listener is used to determine whether or not NetFlow or sFlow is being received and what ports they are being received on. Any application currently listening on the same port as Flowalyzer will cause conflicts. Conflicting applications must stop using the ports Flowalyzer is trying to listen on.
  • Generator: The Generator is used to send NetFlow packets with specified flows. Up to 30 flows can be sent with NetFlow version 5 or up to 24 flows with NetFlow version 9 and IPFIX. If a range of bytes and packets is specified, Flowalyzer will randomly assign these values between the ranges specified in each flow packet sent out. The Flow Time range can also be randomized. Reference the NetFlow v5 format or read RFC 3954 to learn more about NetFlow v9. For additional information, read the Charter on IPFIX.
  • Configuration: The Configurator is used to configure NetFlow v5 and v9 on Cisco routers or NetFlow v9 on Enterasys hardware (switches and routers).
  • Communicator: The Communicator is used to ping destination hosts with specified ports using ICMP, TCP or UDP. It can also perform trace routes.
  • Poller: Polls Devices found in Scrutinizer or devices can be manually added. The availability and response time for each device polled is sent off to the flow collector in IPFIX datagrams.
  • Trender: Polls devices for SNMP counters and trends the values returned.

The Flowalyzer page can provide additional information on this free NetFlow and sFlow testing utility.

This utility is fully compatible with most NetFlow and sFlow reporting tools.