Language Translations

This software can be translated to another language. To translate or localize Scrutinizer to another language, navigate as follows:

  1. Admin Tab>Definitions>Language
  2. Select a language and make updates. Notice the pagination at the bottom.
  3. Languages are saved as /home/plixer/scrutinizer/files/localize_LANGUAGENAMEHERE.xls
  4. Contact support and they will create a file that can be imported into Scrutinizer to support the desired language.

This feature can be used to make changes to nearly all text in the interface. For example, by modifying the following key types with custom text:

  • ‘loginCustomText’
  • ‘loginCustomTitle’

A message can be displayed to people logging in.


Links can also be inserted into the message (e.g. This is my Login Custom message <u><a href=””> with a link </a></u>).


These fields can be modified regularly by using a scheduled script to the API which could automate changes to the login message.