Mailinizer Setup

Below are the steps to set up this IPFIXify™ Plug-in.

  1. Download the latest version of the IPFIXify Agent from and extract those files to a directory.

  2. Extract the files contained within this plug-in to the directory where the IPFIXify Agent resides.

  3. Modify the msexchange_2010.cfg file and change the collector directive at the top to the COLLECTOR_IP:PORT of the IPFIX Collector. If unsure of which port to use, Scrutinizer is listening by default on ports 2055, 2056, 4432, 4739, 9995, 9996 and 6343.

  4. To verify that the data is being exported properly, run the following command from the IPFIXify directory:

    • ipfixify.exe –file=”path/to/MSGTRK*” –config=”path/to/msexchange_2010.cfg” –verbose
    • Please specify the absolute path to both the msexchange_2010.cfg and MSGTRK*.log files.
    • Example: ipfixify.exe –config “C:Program Files (x86)IPFIXifymsexchange_2010.cfg” –file “C:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerV14TransportRolesLogsMessageTrackingMSGTRK*”
  1. IPFIXify should (but not required) start as a service if the objective is to automatically collect data whenever the system restarts.

    • ipfixify.exe –install auto –name=”SVCNAME” –config=”path/tocfg” –file=”path/tofile”
    • Replace SVCNAME with a short descriptive name and specify the absolute path to the msexchange_2010.cfg and MSGTRK* files. All four parameters are required.


For more information on IPFIXify options, execute ipfixify.exe without any parameters.