Plixer Endpoint Analytics - Overview

What is Plixer Endpoint Analytics?

Endpoint Analytics is a network administration appliance that provides real-time insights into the identities, locations, and behavior of connected devices and enables single pane-of-glass management to enhance security and compliance.

How does Plixer Endpoint Analytics work?

Once deployed and configured, Plixer Endpoint Analytics will use various methods to observe network traffic and device behavior to collect rich endpoint data and capture endpoint identity attributes. This information is then processed by the system’s Endpoint Profiling Engine to assign each discovered endpoint a Profile that groups it with other endpoints that share similar attributes for efficient administration via a full-featured web interface.

Plixer Endpoint Analytics will continuously monitor all connected devices to maintain an up-to-date endpoint database, streamline asset management, and alert administrators to changes in device attributes and/or behavior.

Plixer Endpoint Analytics is available as either a rack-mountable hardware appliance or a virtual appliance package for VMware virtual machines.

Plixer Endpoint Analytics' role in the Plixer network appliance ecosystem

Main features

Efficient and accurate endpoint identification and management

The Endpoint Profiling Engine draws on a field-tested library of thousands of predefined Profiles to provide administrators with the endpoint information they need when they need it.

Continuous endpoint monitoring with real-time alerts

Plixer Endpoint Analytics actively monitors and analyzes network traffic, intelligently identifying rogue devices and suspicious device behavior.

Versatile and highly configurable functionality

Tailor the system to your organization’s unique environment with a customizable user interface and granular control over its functions.

Scalable, non-intrusive implementation

Gain visibility over up to tens of thousands of endpoints in any type of enterprise network scenario

Seamless integration with the Plixer family of products

Gain additional insights with the Plixer Risk Intelligence add-on and leverage deep integrations with other products in the Plixer ecosystem to maximize value.