Adding Additional Interfaces

The names of the monitoring interfaces on the Plixer FlowPro appliance are important. When adding additional interfaces to a virtual appliance, the interfaces must be renamed to something the FlowPro can recognize.

The Plixer FlowPro appliance comes with two interfaces by default:

  • ‘mgmt’: for virtual appliance management

  • ‘mon1’: the default monitoring interface

Follow the instructions below to add additional interfaces to the Plixer FlowPro appliance and rename them from the default ‘ethX’ to ‘monX’.


Take a snapshot of the virtual machine before making any changes.

CentOS 7

This section outlines the process of adding and renaming a new interface for a Plixer FlowPro appliance running on CentOS 7.

Add a New Interface in VMware

  1. In vCenter, right click on the VM that the new interface will be added to and select ‘Edit Settings…’.

  2. From the ‘Edit Settings…’ window, select ‘Add New Device’.

  3. From the drop down menu, click on ‘Network Adapter’.

  4. Run the following command:

$ ~flowpro/util/configure_new_adapter