Configuration is required on both the Plixer FlowPro and the ERSPAN/GRE device.


The order of configuration (Plixer FlowPro or the ERSPAN/GRE device first) is not critical, as long as the information listed here is gathered first. The configuration of each device requires information from the other device (Plixer FlowPro and ERSPAN device).

This information should be determined prior to starting the configuration:

Plixer FlowPro ERSPAN configuration

  • Monitor port: for example ‘mon1’.

  • Monitor port IP and CIDR: for example ‘’ (do NOT use /32 CIDR)

  • Monitor port gateway: for example ‘’

  • Peer IP Address: the ERSPAN source IP defined below - for example ‘’

ERSPAN device configuration

  • ERSPAN Source IP - an IP address on the device (switch or router) or the ESXi host IP address (VDS): for example ‘’

  • Destination IP - Plixer FlowPro monitor port IP address (not the Plixer FlowPro management IP): for example ‘’

  • Source Interface(s) to SPAN - the example in step 6 of VMWare VDS configuration below shows 3 sources selected


Plixer FlowPro provides support for GRE type 2.

The following pages detail how to configure Plixer FlowPro, a Cisco switch, and a VMware VDS.


Specific commands and configuration options may vary between devices and versions. Command syntax should be verified with vendor documentation for the specific device being configured.