Adding a new userΒΆ

To add a new web interface user or account, select Add Account from the Accounts configuration submenu, and then do the following:

  1. Under Username:, enter a unique username for the new user. The following characters cannot be used in usernames (or passwords): ;`'|"()[]{}

  2. Under Password:, enter a password for the account, and then retype the password in the next field for verification.

  3. Under Access Level:, select the role for the account. Operator is selected by default.

  4. Under Timezone Region: and Select Timezone:, select a region and timezone for the user.

  5. Under Timeout:, select the number of minutes a session must be idle before the account is automatically logged out.

  6. Under Enabled:, select whether to enable the account once it is created.

  7. After verifying that all details are correct, click Save to create the account.


The password, region, and timezone can be changed by the user by clicking the user menu button in the web interface banner and then selecting My Settings once the user is logged in.

New accounts can also be created by navigating to Configuration > List Accounts, and then clicking Add Account on the summary page.