Web interface account rolesΒΆ

User accounts fall under one of three roles within the web interface:


The Administrator is the highest privileged role within the web interface and can make configuration changes, in addition to being able to view all system data.

Only one Administrator account exists per system, and it is primarily used for initial access to the web interface after deployment as well as managing other user accounts.


Only one Administrator account session is permitted from a given IP address.


Operator accounts have full access to the web interface and can make configuration changes, but they cannot change the user account settings.


Analyst accounts have access to most Plixer Endpoint Analytics data pages and utilities, but they cannot view or modify the system configuration (apart from customizing their Dashboard page).


There is no limit to the number of Operator and Analyst accounts that can be created.

The password for the Administrator web interface account can be changed by logging into the Plixer Endpoint Analytics appliance as the beacon user and running the following command:

# sudo /usr/beacon/www/bin/userAdmin.php -u 1 password <new_password>


By default, all web interface sessions will automatically time out after being idle for 30 minutes. The idle timers cannot be disabled, but they can be adjusted between 5, 15, and 30 minutes for Operator and Analyst accounts.