Adding EventsΒΆ

To add a new Event to the system, select Add Event from the Events configuration submenu, and then do the following:

  1. In Event Name:, enter a unique, case-sensitive name for the Event.

  2. (Optional) In Event Logic:, enter a regular expression that must be matched for a Profile to be monitored for the Event. If /.*/ or no Event Logic expression is entered, then the Event will trigger endpoints in any Profile.


In the case of Alarm Profile Events, the Event logic expression defines the Alarm Profile whose rules must be matched by endpoints to trigger the Event.

  1. Select the Event type to be created from the dropdown menu. If it is a Profile Change Event, select whether it is an Entering or Exiting Event from the second dropdown menu.

  2. (Optional) Select the checkbox under Event Delivery Method: to enable syslog delivery for the Event. For additional information on configuring Event delivery outside the web interface, see Delivering Events to syslog.

  3. In Event Level:, select a severity level to assign to the Event (used in various web interface views).

  4. Enable the Event, and then click Save to save the configuration.


The Add Event page can also be accessed by selecting List Events from Events configuration submenu, and then clicking Add Event.

Events are triggered only if they are enabled, and newly configured Events are activated only after the next system re-model.