Event TypesΒΆ

Plixer Endpoint Analytics Events can be configured as one of the following types:

New Endpoint

Triggered when a new endpoint is initially discovered and/or when a Profile is assigned to it (including Not Profiled).


A factory-default All New Endpoints Event is pre-configured to match all endpoint Profiles and will be triggered whenever Plixer Endpoint Analytics discovers a new endpoint MAC address.

Profile Change (Entering)

Triggered when an endpoint is migrated from one Profile assignment to the specified Profile(s) (other than Not Profiled), such as when new identity attributes observed result in a new best-match Profile based on the Profile Match.

Profile Change (Exiting)

Triggered when an endpoint is migrated from the specified Profile(s) assignment to another or when an endpoint returns to being classified as Not Profiled.

Alarm Profile

Triggered by user-defined Alarm Profiles that contain Profile Rules or MAC vendor information that may indicate the presence of endpoints with irregular, suspicious, or potentially dangerous attributes.

Profile Consistency

Triggered when an endpoint in the specified Profile(s) has identity attributes that satisfies the requirements of multiple Profile assignments.