Active Directory

The Active Directory section of the data processing configuration page contains the following additional settings for collecting Active Directory data:

Ignore Disabled Computer Objects

When this setting is enabled, all disabled AD computer objects are ignored when performing AD lookups. This setting is disabled by default.

Allow DNS for Active Directory Linking

This setting enables the use of DNS hostnames (in addition to DHCP-derived hostname data) when performing AD computer object lookups. This setting is disabled by default.

AD DHCP Data Association Fade

Indicates the number of days that the system will continue to use a DHCP hostname for AD lookups even when the DNS hostname data is more recent.

The default value is set to 0, which means that the DHCP hostname will always be prioritized over DNS data, regardless of the former’s age.

Hostname to MAC Address Association Limit

Sets the number of MAC addresses that can be associated with a single hostname for endpoints that have multiple network interfaces. The default value is 2.