Re-mapping and re-modelingΒΆ

It is not necessary to restart the Plixer Endpoint Analytics appliance for most changes to the system configuration to take effect after they are saved. Instead, the system functions affected by the changes can be re-initiated manually using the buttons on the Configure Data Processing page.


Instructs the system to immediately poll all NIDs and update the network topology map maintained in the database


Instructs the system to re-evaluate and reassign Profiles to all endpoints based on the current information in the database

Individual endpoints are modeled automatically upon discovery, but a full re-model is required when new Profiles or Events are added/removed or enabled/disabled.

When either button is clicked, a message confirming that the process has been initiated will be displayed. Re-mapping and re-modeling may take several minutes for very large systems, large databases, and/or complex configurations, and it is normal for resource usage on the appliance to peak during the process.