Functional IDs

The Plixer Scrutinizer system relies on a number of generic functional accounts/IDs to control access to the environment’s different components and their respective functions.

The following table lists all default functional IDs used by a Plixer Scrutinizer installation:

System Component Account/ID Type Access Level Function
Operating system root Interactive Privileged Provides root access to the Plixer Scrutinizer OS, with unrestricted shell, SSH, and console access
plixer Interactive Non-privileged Primary user for the interactive scrut_util CLI utility and provides access to run all Plixer Scrutinizer processes and services
pgbouncer Non-interactive Non-privileged Used to manage remote database access between nodes, e.g. user/role access, load balancing, etc.
postgres Non-interactive Privileged Used for database operations during deployment
apache Non-interactive Privileged Primary HTTP services user
Database plixer Interactive Privileged Primary database role used by application processes for both local and remote access
postgres Non-interactive Privileged Used for local database access during deployment, upgrades, and scheduled pg_cron tasks
Web interface admin Interactive Privileged Provides full access to web interface management functions


  • Interactive - can be used to grant a user all privileges inherent to the ID
  • Non-interactive - reserved for internal use by the system and cannot be assigned to users

Access levels:

  • Privileged - has elevated permissions, such as superuser or system admin access
  • Non-privileged - granted only the access rights required for the ID’s intended function(s)