Virtual appliancesΒΆ

Plixer Scrutinizer is available in standard virtual appliance packages for VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, and KVM environments or as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) for Amazon Web Services (AWS).

All Plixer Scrutinizer virtual appliance types are available through Plixer or a local reseller, who will assist you with acquiring the evaluation or subscription license key required to activate the product.

System requirements:

Plixer Scrutinizer virtual appliances have the following basic system requirements:


Minimum (for trial installations)

Recommended (for production environments)


16 GB

64 GB


100 GB

1+ TB 15K RAID 0 or 10 configuration


8 CPU cores , 2.0+ GHz

12 CPU cores, 2.0+ GHz

To ensure optimal performance, Plixer Scrutinizer virtual appliances should be provisioned with dedicated rather than shared resources, especially in environments where higher flow rates are expected. Hardware appliances, which are designed to support extremely large exporter counts and flow volumes, are recommended for large-scale enterprise networks.


In clustered virtual environments where the hostname and MAC address of the VM can be changed, assign a static MAC address to the Plixer Scrutinizer NIC to avoid license key issues.