Virtual appliancesΒΆ

Plixer Scrutinizer is available in standard virtual appliance packages for VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, and KVM environments or as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) under Amazon Web Services.

All types of Plixer Scrutinizer virtual appliances are available through Plixer or a local reseller, who will assist you with acquiring the evaluation or subscription license key required to activate the product.

System requirements:

Plixer Scrutinizer virtual appliances have the following basic system requirements:


Minimum (for trial installations)

Recommended (for production environments)


16 GB

64 GB


100 GB

1+ TB 15K RAID 0 or 10 configuration


1 CPU, 4 cores, 2.0+ GHz

2 CPUs, 8 cores, 2.0+ GHz

Additional notes for virtual appliance deployment:

  • In clustered virtual environments where the VM can change hosts and MAC addresses, be sure to assign a static MAC address to the Plixer Scrutinizer NIC to avoid having to get a new license key.

  • To ensure optimal performance, allocate dedicated rather than shared resources to the Plixer Scrutinizer virtual machine, especially in environments where high volumes of NetFlow data are expected. Plixer Scrutinizer hardware appliances are designed to handle the highest flow rates and recommended for extremely large volumes of flow data.

  • The default 100 GB of storage is sufficient to store up to one month of Netflow V5 data from 25 devices at a rate of 1,500 flows per second. If you expect your environment to exceed this volume or need to store historical data for longer than 30 days, follow the steps in the guides to allocate additional disk space to the virtual appliance.

To deploy the virtual appliance of your choice, follow the corresponding guide below: