Profile management

Plixer Replicator relies on user-defined Profiles to determine where a packet it receives on a particular UDP port should be replicated and/or forwarded to any network management systems.

In addition to its name, In Port, and Out Port, each Plixer Replicator Profile contains the following details:

  1. Exporters: Networked devices, such as routers, switches, or servers, that generate log data for use by network management systems and send it to the Plixer Replicator for replication and/or forwarding

  2. Collectors: SIEMs, Flow Collectors, SNMPTrap Receivers, or other network management systems that analyze data forwarded by the Plixer Replicator from other networked devices

  3. Policies: Used by the Plixer Replicator to automatically determine whether an Exporter should be included or excluded from the Profile


When Collectors receive packets from the Plixer Replicator, they interpret its origin as the IP address of the Exporter that sent it.

When the Plixer Replicator receives a packet, it references all currently enabled Profiles and Policies to verify that the packet’s origin is a valid Exporter.

After the first Profile has been created during the appliance’s initial setup, additional Profiles can be created or configured using either the web interface or Interactive Mode.