Hardware appliance

The Plixer Replicator is a 1U rack mounted server. Before deploying the Plixer Replicator appliance, make sure to secure it first in a server rack with the provided hardware.

To deploy the Plixer Replicator hardware appliance, follow these steps after it has been mounted in a server or network rack:

  1. Apply power to the Plixer Replicator using the power cable that’s provided.

  2. Connect the Plixer Replicator to the network. If you are facing the back of the server, the NIC on the left hand side will be used. Connect an Ethernet cable into this NIC and then into your network.

  3. Using a keyboard and monitor, connect directly to the Plixer Replicator server and power the server on.

  4. Login to the Plixer Replicator with the username replicator and the password replicator.

  5. Once you are logged in, you will be presented with a Getting Started script that you will need to fill out. After you have finished filling out the information, the server will reboot.

This will allow you to configure the networking configuration of the server as well as hostname/DNS servers, NTP servers, and passwords for the user replicator.