Plixer Product Release and End of Life Policy

Effective October 2019

Plixer Product End of Sale (EOS) and End of Life (EOL) Announcements

Plixer is committed to providing customers with market leading products and solutions. Periodically, it becomes necessary to discontinue older products, for technology and/or business reasons.

The Plixer product matrix below shows products have been superceded and are no longer available. Please refer to Plixer’s Product Release Policy document (below) to view more information on milestone definitions and timelines. This policy standardizes our product lifecycle practices to assist you in making plans around product releases and upgrades, and is applicable to all Plixer products.

Product Version End of Sale date End of Support date Successor
MDX product family (MDX-xxx) All versions December 31, 2019 March 31, 2023 Comparable SSRV or SCR product

Plixer will continue to provide support for the listed products through the term of your current subscription agreement, or the product’s End of Support date.

(Unless otherwise noted, all products/versions that are older than those listed above have already reached End-of-Life and are no longer supported by Plixer.)

Product Release Policy


This document describes the intended release and lifecycle support plans for products and versions. The policy is intended to provide information required to plan for product upgrades and migration to replacement technologies.

Note: This policy document covers product releases; product licensing - covering usage of the product – is handled under the terms specified in the EULA (End User Licensing Agreement).

Software Release Definitions

  • Major (Main) Release: Major releases encompass new products, major architecture changes, major user interface (UI) changes, significant new features or capabilities/functionality additions, new solutions, and substantial innovation. Plixer’s goal is for one Major product release per year.
  • Minor Release: Minor releases include updates or enhancements/features to existing products, moderate administration or UI changes, and major bug fixes. Plixer’s goal is for one Minor product release per year.
  • Patch Release: A patch release incorporates bug fixes and security fixes. Patch releases will be incorporated into the next Major or Minor software release (whichever occurs first). Plixer’s goal is to provide patch releases as needed, not to defined release schedule.

Note: Engineering Hotfixes, developed to resolve customer-specific support cases of high severity, are made broadly available to other customers in the next available release (Major, Minor or Patch release).

  • Content Update Release: Plixer may release updated content – new reports, new or updated algorithms, etc – periodically, outside of a Major or Minor software release. Content Updates do not include new features and may be applied electively at the customer’s discretion to any supported product release. Content updates will be incorporated into the next Major or Minor software release, whichever happens first.

  • The software product version numbering scheme is defined as follows:

    (Major). (Minor). (Patch)

    Example: 18.16.02

where Major release is 18, Minor release is 16, Patch release is 2.

  • The Content Update numbering scheme is defined as follows.


    Example: CU.2003

where MMYY is the release month and year of the content update.

Supported Product Releases and Product Release End of Life Policy

Generally speaking, Plixer supports the most current product release and the release prior to that (in other words, we support two product releases).

Plixer will make commercially reasonable efforts to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The End of Life Period for a major software release “N” starts when the N+2 major release becomes Generally Available. For example, major product release 18.x begins EOL when major product release 20.x is made available. Customers running major release 18 should upgrade to major release 19 or major release 20.

Note: When major versions are released, only the last minor release on the “N” major release will be supported. In the example above, major release 18.x enters EOL and customers should be up-to-date on the last minor release for major release 18 for software support during the EOL support period.

  • Likewise, the End of Life Period for a minor software release starts when the N+2 minor release becomes Generally Available. For example, product release 18.15 begins EOL when release 18.17 is made available. Customers running minor release 18.15 should upgrade to release 18.16 or 18.17.
  • The maximum total support life of a software product release is the lesser of three (3) years or the release of the N+2 version, inclusive of the General Availability period and software support period following the End of Life announcement.
  • For all Cloud Services, only the current product release will be supported.

End of Life Software Support Policy

To ensure delivery of innovative and cost-effective products, Plixer may periodically discontinue specific products or versions of products and cloud services. At Plixer’s sole discretion, such products or services may be discontinued regardless of the delivery method, including on-premises software, hardware and cloud services.

This policy applies to all Plixer Software product offerings that enter the End of Life process as of the Effective Date of this EOL Policy. For clarity, this applies to any Software that is included with Plixer Hardware or Appliances.

When commercially reasonable, Plixer will provide three (3) months’ notice of an affected product’s End of Sale (EOS), i.e., the last day the product can be ordered. Once the End of Sale date is reached, the affected product is no longer available for sale.

Plixer will make commercially reasonable efforts to provide Software Support for a maximum of 1 year after the effective End of Sale Date, unless otherwise specified. Plixer will not provide Software Support past the specified EOL date.

The list of EOS/EOL products is maintained on the Plixer website.

End of Life Hardware Support and Software/Hardware Support Bundles Policy

This policy applies to the physical components of Plixer’s Hardware, Appliances or Software/Hardware Bundles (collectively referred to as Hardware).

  • Plixer will exercise commercially reasonable efforts to provide 3 months notification prior to the effective End of Sale Date.
  • Plixer will make commercially reasonable effort to provide Hardware Support for 3 years after the End of Sale Date. Provision of Hardware Support is subject to the terms of the support contract.
  • Hardware Support contracts cannot extend past the published End of Support Date.

If the latest release of supported software requires a new hardware platform, the customer may be given an opportunity to purchase a comparable platform. In no case will a hardware product be provided at no cost if newer versions of the software will not run on the older hardware.


General Availability – Product is generally available for Sale and Support on current Plixer Pricelist.

End of Life (EOL) Period - Refers to the timeframe beginning with the day Plixer announces a product is no longer available for purchase from the current Plixer Pricelist until the last date the product is formally supported by Plixer. If software version only, EOL Period refers to the timeframe beginning with the day Plixer announces a software version will no longer be available until it is no longer supported.

End of Sale Notification– This notification establishes when the discontinued product or software version will no longer be Generally Available. The End of Sale Notification begins the EOL period.

End of Sale Date– The date a product is no longer Generally Available for purchase.

End of Life Date – The last day that the product and/or software version is supported per the terms of the standard Software and Hardware Support offerings.

Cloud Services - means services offered on servers that are owned or managed by Plixer and provided to Customer as specified by the relevant Customer agreement. Access to the Cloud Services requires either an active support agreement or an active subscription, as required by the specific offering.

Content Updates – Include enhanced product components, such as new reports and new algorithms.

Software Support - Software Support includes available maintenance and technical support. Security updates and maintenance will continue until the end of the Software Support period.

Hardware Support - Hardware Support includes hardware warranty, new software/firmware versions, escalations, patches and maintenance releases, product updates, content updates, and available maintenance and technical support.

Software - means each Plixer software program that is (a) licensed from Plixer (and acquired during the Term from Plixer or an Authorized Reseller), and identified in the applicable agreement, or (b) embedded in or pre-loaded on Hardware acquired during the Term, but not identified in an agreement (which embedded or pre-loaded software is hereby deemed licensed from Plixer), in each case including Updates and Upgrades that Customer installs during any applicable Support period.

Hardware - means the Plixer or Plixer branded hardware equipment (together with all parts, elements, or accessories, and any combination of them) purchased during the Term from Plixer or an Authorized Reseller and identified in an applicable agreement, excluding any software or other intangible items (whether or not pre-loaded on hardware or subsequently loaded on hardware by Customer, Plixer, or any other person or entity).

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