Harness the power of netflow and tap into your existing IT infrastructure to elevate network performance with the Plixer One Platform. Powered by Scrutinizer, our cost-effective integrated NPMD and NDR solutions deliver robust network and security intelligence to maximize your network security and efficiency with speed and scale.

Tap into the power of Scrutinizer for comprehensive network visibility and performance analytics across complex hybrid environments.

A superior network performance management solution designed to ensure uninterrupted business resilience and growth. Expand on the Scrutinizer solution with advanced network analytics, application monitoring and endpoint behavior analytics for unmatched network insights.

Stop threat actors in their tracks and keep your business protected with a full NDR solution that enhances Scrutinizer with security analytics, application monitoring and endpoint behavior analytics. Detect, investigate, and respond to security incidents with speed and scale.

Platform components

The features and functionality of Plixer Enterprise and Plixer Core are explained in greater detail in the following Plixer product manuals: