Network device managementΒΆ

Selecting List Devices from the Network Devices configuration submenu opens a summary page that lists all the network devices that have been added to the system.

The main network device list can be filtered by either entering text to match in the provided fields clicking one of the device counts in the page banner.

The following device management operations can also be accessed from the List Devices page:

Adding a new device

Clicking Add Device opens the Add Network Device page. The Add Network Device page can also be accessed by clicking Add Device in the Network Devices configuration submenu.

Editing device settings

Clicking the IP address of a network device in the list opens its Edit Network Device page where the current device settings can be modified.

The following settings/options are only available in the Edit Network Device page:

  • Context - Clicking Add opens a popup window to attach SNMP context information to the device. This setting is disabled if Poll as Endpoint is selected.

  • Translated Addresses - Clicking Add opens a popup window to attach the additional IP addresses that will be polled on the physical device.

  • Device Ports - Opens a list of physical ports and connected endpoints. This setting can also be accessed by navigating to Endpoints > By Network Device > Ports.

  • Clear Device Ports - Removes current endpoint information from all ports.

  • Query Now - Triggers an immediate SNMP poll of the network device.

Deleting network devices

Network devices can be deleted individually through its Edit Network Device page. Multiple network devices can be deleted at once by selecting multiple devices, and then clicking Delete Selected Devices.

Adding a network device to a group

A network device can be added (or reassigned) to a device group through its Edit Network Device page, and then selecting a device group from the dropdown menu.

Exporting device information

Clicking Export as exports the device information as an XML or a CSV file. A smaller subset of the list can also be exported by selecting multiple endpoints before clicking on the XML or CSV export button.