Unconfigured devicesΒΆ

Selecting Unconfigured Devices in the Network Devices configuration submenu opens a summary page that lists all network devices that have been discovered but are not configured as network devices under the Plixer Endpoint Analytics environment.


This view may also include network devices that have multiple IP addresses associated with their SNMP agent. The additional interfaces will need to be mapped to their main network device, if it has already been configured in the system.

The Unconfigured Devices page displays the information that is extracted from the CDP or LLDP data of each unconfigured device. The following details are shown for the discovered devices:

  • Name - Name that is configured in the device

  • IP Address - IP address of the primary interface of the device

  • System Description - Current value of the SysDescr OID on the device (including the full name and version identifier of the system hardware), its OS, and its networking software

  • Known Name Found - Indicates whether the device name matches the name of a network device that has already been configured in the system

  • Updated - Timestamp of the most recent data captured from the device. Clicking the refresh button shows the latest device data

The following actions can also be performed:

Adding a device

Clicking Add opens the Add Network Device page with fields that are pre-populated with the discovered information.

Mapping a device

Clicking Map maps the device data to an already configured network device by adding its IP address as a secondary interface (under Translated Addresses).


Devices that have been added or mapped will be unlisted in the Unconfigured Devices page.

Exporting device information

The contents of the Unconfigured Devices page can be exported as an XML or CSV file by clicking the corresponding Export as button.